No Place to Hide

Gilbert Hetherwick / Solo Guitar & "Voice"  / February 2016

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I have now been playing guitar for half a century.  And I first began playing clubs in Louisiana forty years ago... how time flies.  And I hope to begin playing "live" again soon!

When I started working as a "suit" in the music business at the age of 32 I quit performing for the most part but I continued to write songs until this day.  But my songs were always "produced" and arranged in my studio within sometimes huge multi-track sessions.  

Since opening my GROUSE HOUSE STUDIO up here in the Catskills near Woodstock New York... I have specialized in recording acoustic musicians such as singer-songwriters, jazz,  and Americana artists. And I've learned a lot about recording this way and wanted to apply it to a recording of my own.  So I practiced an eleven  song set spanning decades of songs for several weeks and then sat down in front of the microphones in my "guitar cabin"  and knocked out this "live" (no overdubs) recording... complete with dialogue containing interesting "tid bits" about my life and songs.  

No audience members were injured, harmed, or utilized in any way in this recording!   It's just me... a guitar... and some really terrific microphones!  Nine of the eleven songs were done on the final night... or morning... in one big swoop at around 4:00AM when I was suffering from insomnia. So my "voice" is rough in places.  But at this point in my life... it is what it is!  And MANY of my favorite songwriters have "questionable pipes".  I do love singing.

Four songs are from my very earliest Baton Rouge & New Orleans club years... plus seven others that span forty years of songs including  The White Rabbit's "BIG NUMBER" from  my psychedelic pop musical "Dreams For Alice".  

Most are also very personal... including "I Feel Alive"... which is about Sony Music and how the day that they fired me was the happiest day in my entire life!  Free at Last!

And there is a song about my father's 1932 Martin mandolin that he played as a teenager in the band "The Red Hot Rambers" in the 1930s in Shreveport Louisiana.

And there is also "Tonight I Want to Believe"... written during the 911 attacks on NYC while I was living in a Manhattan highrise.  

Plus there are six sections of dialogue where I talk about memories and these songs that have been a part of my entire life.  

And being solo and "live"... it's the sound I used to get when working solo in clubs across South Louisiana from 1976 to 1984. So I hope old friends from South Louisiana will find this a fun listen!

I plan to return to solo performing soon... Which is what this album is all about.  

Welcome to my "Club Gig Demo"!

But I also regularly do private concerts for ANYONE that asks of my "Dreams For Alice" musical here on the Grouse House stage... from audiences of two to twenty two. Just outside of Woodstock New York.

You can download zipped individual files below of "No Place To Hide"  as  MP3s or write me at for higher resolution files if you prefer high quality audio.   I have standard AIFF & WAV CD Files as well as 24/96 HIGH RESOLUTION FILES THAT SOUND GREAT!

This was recorded using one single Neumann U-87 Vocal Microphone... A Sure 141 Microphone on the guitar... and everything being captured in stereo by a Royer 27 Microphone out in front. Through Avalon Tube Pre-Amps into Apogee A to D converters at 24/96.  Recorded in my "Guitar Cabin" basement room @ The Grouse House Studio using ProTools.

The entire 11 original song set was performed on a "custom shop" Breedlove acoustic guitar signed by Mr. Breedlove himself...  Rosewood back... a BEAUTIFUL guitar... and a breeze to play too!

Gilbert Hetherwick

All words and music © various dates by Gilbert Hetherwick.

All Sound Recordings here are © 2016 by Gilbert Hetherwick.



1. The Motion Of His Feet                  10. Dialogue #3

2. Dialogue #1                                     11. Airline Highway

3. I Feel Alive                                       12. Dialogue #4

4. Who'll Save Me From You              13. Tonight I Want To Believe

5. Your Old Mandolin                          14. Dialogue #5

6. The Media Show                              15. Drowning In A Sea Of Tears

7. Dialogue #2                                      16. Dialogue #6

8. I Got The Light!                                17. Still A Friend Of Mine                              

9. Can't You See That I Care