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DREAMS FOR ALICE is my Beatles influenced psychedelic folk pop musical based upon the lives of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell..  Click the cover to find out about the Full Cast Album as well as my current "one man show" LIVE performances!

"NIGHT SONGS & LAMENTS is my 2015 song collection.  A very personal album of which I am very proud.  I think this is easily my best writing yet.  Written and recorded after pulling myself out of a tough period in my life with the help of a therapist and a really great doctor.  But I promise... It is NOT depressing!  GH

TIME TO FLY is an album about transitions in my life... from 2010... primarily my leaving the music "business" for the Catskills!  Includes the studio versions of my "ode" to Sony Music (I Feel Alive) and also The Media Show! CLICK COVER!

SIDE TRIPS features ten fictional songs... a kind of "film noir" meets "Big Twang Guitar"! CLICK ON THE COVER!

TEN SONGS written either about or within tmy home state of Louisiana... SWAMPY!  CLICK ON THE COVER!

TWISING BOB is my 4 song EP of covers of four classic Dylan Songs.  CLICK ON COVER!

3 NEW SONGS! (More albums and songs further down the page)


"NO PLACE TO HIDE" is my latest "live in the studio" album of just me and a single Breedlove acoustic guitar playing a retrospective of eleven songs written over the past 40 years with "live" dialogue talking about the songs and my club days playing in South Louisiana from 76 to 84.  I've had a very unique and crazy life in a lot of areas of music.  GH

Do Whatever We Can  (music video)

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Negatively Ninth Avenue (streaming & download)

My Steps Toward Tomorrow (streaming & download)

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